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Is HCG Injection Really Helps in Weight Loss?

Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone which is used for the female fertility treatment to help during pregnancy to promote the embryo and fetus development. It is also recommends for the men those have hormone problems called as hypogonadism. Initially, HCG diet first became popular since 1950s.

According to the US FDA, HCG diet has the higher hCG state that easily reset the body’s metabolism and fix the abnormal eating habits. However, HCG Manufacturers claims about the products benefits that hCG diet promotes weight loss of up to a single pound a day. However, still not any proven evidence have to be found.

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Recent researches and medical studies clear the ideas that hCG has not any effect on weight loss, so it is a totally a myth about the hCG medication that it helps in weight loss. But it actually helps into the weight loss. However, it is risky for those; those are considering this hCG diet for the weight loss parameters. It is totally a prescription medication and used only for the treating fertility issues in women and men, so it is not approved for the weight loss. Its public sale has not been approved for all. Some of the potential side effects are mood changes, fluid buildup in body tissues, enlarged breasts in males, and blood clots.

Some of the researchers concluded about the hCG that it is not effective in supporting weight loss, does not alleviate hunger, and does not redistribute fat. People those follow the hCG diet in regular limit can take calorie 500 a day. They are generally taken hCG shots, hCG oral drops, or hCG sprays. This kind of hCG diet products are easily available in OTC and manufacturers online market and called as homeopathic diet products.

Some of the Foods that should be avoid while your are on hCG diet are butter, dried and pickled fish, fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, nuts, oils, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, and sugar. In United States, it is highly illegal to sell OTC products containing hCG levels. This restriction also includes to the all homeopathic hCG products.

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So for the suppliers breaking this law of conduct, the FDA and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have issued seven initial warning letters to all pharma companies that sell hCG products, that claim they had hormones into their composition. But this hCG hormone is legal when a healthcare doctor professional prescribed you as injected form. US FDA already approves hCG program for the female infertility and male hormone treatments. But some of the doctors also prescribed hCG for the unapproved weight-loss purposes. However, there is no evidence in support for the weight loss.

Some of the reported side effects comes from the effective reviews are depression, edema, fatigue and lack of energy, and enlarged breasts in males also, irritability, and tiredness. hCG mostly helpful into the female pregnancy and test by the human urine. However, regular hCG diet combines the hormone supplements and severe calorie restriction in support to the weight loss without have any evidence of side effects.

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